Going to Poland

As luck would have it, as fate would have it, as whoever runs this show would have it- I’m going to Poland on March 20th for the Liberation Procedure.
My testing is on the 23rd, followed by more testing the morning of the 24th, followed by the procedure.

Perhaps i should shed some light on how this process works. First I sent off an email to Dr. Simka in Poland. Then I waited. It felt a lot like throwing a bucket of water in the ocean and expecting it to change the ocean. Then I waited some more. Then one day an email arrives to tell me I’m on the waiting list for May 2010. Then i waited some more.
Here comes the bonus moment for me- I am always checking the thisisms.com web site for all things CCSVI. (It’s the best resource available) About 2 weeks ago I saw a post from someone who has to reschedule her March appointment and in doing so is bumped to the end of the waiting list. That would be the end of 2011. i write to this person to purpose a trade, my May date for her March date. By what i am still considering a miracle, i get the best email i have ever received in my life the next morning. It tells me my dates in March, where i’ll be staying, how to prepare for surgery (replete with “groin shaved”), my transportation arrangements, and where to wire the 10k and by when.

I make all the calls alerting every one of my fortuitous turn of events. My brother and his wife handled the wire transfer. I am not really sure how to properly thank them. Words can’t ever touch my gratitude for this, but that is what i have for the moment. So Dooley and Sarah, thank you so much, my intention is to give you a fabulous return on your investment. Thank you for believing me.

Next I have to call my potential travel companion and see if she really meant it when she said, “I’ll go Poland, sure why not?” She said this before reading in the guidebook that , “Katowice, Poland is a very difficult child to love. ” So to Adria, my travel companion, thank you for taking one for team. I’ll try to be entertaining…

Travel – I have to get to Poland. Enter my dear friend and neighbor Dawne. Back in 2006 Dawne won 2 first class, round trip ticket to Europe from raffle she entered that was put on by Joe Cocker. Dawne graciously offered the tickets to Adria and I, *IF* the tickets were still valid and transferable. And so began a very laborious process of obtaining these tickets. The story of how it worked out is both painful and boring so I will spare you the 5 day roller-coaster it took to get these tickets. You know the expression, “It takes a village” well that expression is applicable. A huge thank you goes out to Dawne (for being my hero), Pam Bliss (My mother’s best friend who just so happens to be friends with and on the board of the Cocker’s. Thank you Pam for championing my cause and helping to plead my case. Not sure how you did it, but it worked- thank you), Sue (Joe Cocker’s right hand woman, who endured countless hour on hold with United and worked all weekend on my behalf), The Cocker’s (for the miles and willingness to act on such short notice), All the different people who are in the Cocker’s travel assembly (who also tirelessly dealt with United, and did so on their time off all weekend), Adria (who originally irritated the United representative enough for her to hold our reservation despite the rules), and Dooley and Sarah (for purchasing the remaining needed miles). Thank you all.

Lastly I would not have the courage or conviction to even attempt any of this without unfailing love and support of my mom and dad. I am lucky to have you both. Thank you so much.

Adria and i are flying first class to Poland!

Shiz-bizz-my-nizzel! I’m really going to Poland.
Holy shit.
Thank you thank you thank you-

Until next time


7 thoughts on “Going to Poland

  1. Ceci: I read the blog today, cried tears of joy for you and wish you the best of luck. You are a very strong willed lady and sounds like you have a lot of support, and I applaud you for that, what determination you have! My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday, I will check the blog daily, and try to give you words of encouragement, this wild ride will all be worth it in the end, stay you, and remember that each bump in the road is only a speed bump and you are going to kick ASS! Love Bobbi

  2. Hi Ceci,
    I also read the post below, thanks for all the info. Best of luck to you in Poland..We’ll be thinking of you (and enjoy the 1st class! you deserve it!!)
    Jill, Corbin & Nick

  3. Whoot whoot, my beautiful friend! You are so deserving of this opportunity! I cannot wait to be part of your journey. Rock it out! All the best to you. I hope the balm helps…



  4. Wow – you truly are on your way (in travel and on your road to recovery). Please hold all the positivity with you that you have had on your journey this past decade, for this will get you far. We are all pulling for this to be the answer – and it will be. Stay strong and come home with new assurance that this is the the leg of your journey that will start the path upward!

    Love you C-Ball – jenni k

  5. Dear dear Cees,
    I’ve never doubted that you are on the road to recovery – you just hadn’t found the trail that would lead to the road yet. Or more realistic you’ve been on many trails that will have come together on the road. All my love and best wishes follow you to Poland. I can’t wait to hear how this goes. I have loads of good feelings about this. Be well there and tell us all about the journey! Love you girl,


  6. Ciao Ceci, I’m so happy that everything turned out well! (for both of us!). Have been thinking of you. My father has been operated this week (unfortunately he is not so well yet…) + and I’m now in Germany at my sisters place with my family, and also my mum is there, so we all hug eachother. Next week an Italian friend of mine is going to Poland, and I’m also so happy for him! So great I can follow all your blogs on improvements! Thanks for doing this! And look forward to follow…

    And then me in May also can’t nearly wait anymore…still have not got my dates, but guess (hope) will arrive before easter. Would be a lovely easter-present!

    My warmest wishes


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