It has been one hell of an adventure. I will write about it all soon. For now, I leave you with the fantastic news that i have been liberated! My left jugular vein was blocked. The doctor used angioplasty to correct the blockage.
And just for the record, being a hospital + no one speaks english + not really understanding what is going on = the aforementioned “hell of an experience.”

Now i rest, more soon.


5 thoughts on “Got-er-dun!

  1. Ceci, it is great to know that they were able to correct the blockage. Did they insert a stent or not (I was confused by some of the info I heard, mainly due to my complete lack of medical understanding). Hope you are feeling well and resting. We’re so glad everything went well yesterday and please keep us posted over the next few days on how you’re feeling. Adria or you can call, email, text us, whatever works — and we’ll keep checking your blog on this end. Lots of love to you!

  2. Hi Girl! Glad to hear you are headed home 🙂 Rest now and I can’t wait to hear about everything. Love You, Gisela and Taz

  3. my dearest friend,

    i have been thinking about you a lot lately and had no idea that you had bumped up your surgery date! i am thrilled for you and hope and yes even pray that you have a speedy recovery. i believe i will have an opportunity to see you if you are going to be back around the 6th or so… :)))) i am so excited i could pop!

    peace, love and light,


  4. Way to go Ceci! i hope that you are getting a good rest. Look forward to hearing more. All my love, safe travels, Hutch

  5. You go girl!! So glad that you are feeling better already – hang in there, and we can’t wait to see you back in Colorado! Be safe, have fun, make the most of every day you are there!



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