Back home

As one may have suspected over the years, i was indeed twisted. Angioplasty was applied to my left jugular. I must admit, i was hoping to be more twisted. However, now i look at it and something more minor makes sense. I have been dealing with compromised health and a slow steady decline for 20 years. So something minor but definitely wrong, seems to fit the bill.

I reflect on the enormity of the past week and i have no idea where to start. Last week was easily the most rewarding, terrifying, hopeful, stressful, joyful and amazing weeks i have ever had. Emotionally, i am still like a time bomb. I know i am not alone. Euromedic packs em in, fixes em, and ships em back out. Because of (TIMS) i knew most of the people. Another first, to become acquainted with people on an online forum and then actually get to meet them. I would meet someone we would exchange the usual formalities one has when meeting a stranger. Then one of us would give our Handle for TIMS and the energy shifted from a meeting a stranger to seeing an old friend. My gratitude and appreciation for TIMS continues to surprise and delight me.

I have been home one day and all i really want to do is rest. I would love to report that i feel wildly different, but that statement has no truth. My changes are little, but they are changes. My feet are a little warmer and yesterday i broke a sweat. i have not sweat in years. As fellow ms’ers know, that is not part of what we do. I am excited and nervous to see how things unfold for me. i will be updating my progress as well as telling some stories of “Adventures in Poland.“ For now this is all i’ve got in me.
until next time…


3 thoughts on “Back home

  1. Ceci:
    Tood just gave me this blog address. You are so brave and inspiring! “Oh, yeah, I just went to Poland, had a major surgery, had my jugular worked on, no biggie!”
    Wow! I am always rooting for you from here in HR and sending good thoughts your way. Lots of love to you and enjoy the sweating!! Here’s to more good things coming your way!!

  2. Watched your speech and then found this blog. Speech was awesome and really funny! I keep hearing all these MSers say they don’t sweat- my problem is sweating too much though! Odd- MS make me sweat more. Anyway, really happy to hear things went well for you. I love reading/watching these stories. My procedure- Feb 2011 I hope!

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