Hello old friend

Oh my poor neglected blog. Hello old friend, i’m back.

Truth be told, I wanted the blog to help document my amazing gains that i just had to share with the world. The reality is the gains do exist, but staggering they are not. I have more sensation in my feet, better circulation and improved strength. I have had the last few months to sit with my expectations vs. reality. It has been a little rough, but i have found peace with it. The mere fact that i can speak of gains under the circumstances is amazing. Being attached to something looking a certain way can have devastating effects. Once i was able to release my grip on what i thought it should look like, my life has been so much easier.

I’ve started public speaking at any venue that will have me to raise awareness about the Liberation Procedure. By trying to help others i am shifting the focus off myself. My illness has caused me to focus so hard on myself,that i don’t think i stand a fighting chance unless i can loosen my grip. Surrender has grace, control is just asking for disappointment. I am thinking it is really that simple. Habits like to take up residence in my psyche, so in order to change the me-me-me-me-me habit, i am shifting the focus to the 2.5 million people who are diagnosed with MS. That ought to keep me busy!

Here’s a link to my first public speaking event. It is called Ignite Boulder. The speech had to be only 5 minutes with a slide show of 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.
The crowd was 1350 people, i got a standing ovation!


9 thoughts on “Hello old friend

  1. Ciao Ceci! Wow! What a great show you did with so much positive energy!
    I never laughed so much on a CCSVI video :))) Thank you!!!!

    I’m also better (in particular fatigue/instability spells are gone!) – thanks so much again for the great deal. I would otherwise not sit here and write you in such a happy mood 🙂 Did you know it was the year’s world MS day you gave me !? That was really a great day in all senses!

    Best wishes, un abbraccio

    Baci Steffi

  2. Ceci; i love you, pray for you and know you are a strong person who kick ASS! You are a great person and be proud of that!! Stay strong, love you Bobbi

  3. Okay, so one more thought, just watched the video, YOU ROCK I am so proud that I know you! And I am crying right now, you are going to kick ASS!! Bobbi Jean

  4. Thanks for this great post C-Ball and I’m so glad you are getting better. The video is awesome and I’ve blasted it out to all sorts of people with MS or who have friends and relatives with it. I think you are helping a lot more people than you know. Love, Marie

  5. of course you got a standing ovation – you are truly awesome!! i watched the video and it gave me goosebumps.

    this is my favorite quote from above: Surrender has grace, control is just asking for disappointment.

    so much love to you ceci!!

  6. Ceci,
    I really want to say something useful and inspiring but alas I am speechless. I feel helpless and frustrated. All attempts at advocacy fall futile. Finally, I know I have a blockage and nowhere to go, no one to fix it, and no interested doctors. Surly I am not trying hard enough and I have my reasons but I always keep you and your story in the back of my mind.
    You are doing a wonderful thing and I completely understand where your drive is coming from. I applaud and thank you for all your efforts to move the procedure forward. I know it will pay off!
    Your doing great, thanks!

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