Long Time

It’s the night before my 41st birthday and feels like as good of a time as any to FINALLY write something in my blog.
It’s been a long while. Lots of change. New city. New house. New friends. New job. New doctors. New ideas. New dreams.
Life just keeps throwing me changes. Some changes are so uncomfortable i can’t hardly bear it. Some are so delightful, i can’t believe my luck. Sounds a lot like life.

I have decided to start writing again because i am 5 months into a new treatment plan for MS, and i am improving. Albeit glacially slow, but i am definitively improving.
I am following a doctor named Dr. Terry Wahls. She cured herself of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. This is not a pleasant diagnosis, and i bet if i would go anywhere near a neurologist, i might be given the same diagnosis. Good thing for me, i don’t have a neurologist.  So no such diagnosis can befall me. How’s that for twisted logic? 11 years ago i was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS, I dabbled in some MS drugs, they did not serve me well, then i moved and i never sought out another neurologist. For better or worse, it’s how I’ve done it.

Dr Terry Whals is my hero. She went from a tilt reclined wheel chair to riding her bike in less than a year. My recovery is not moving at the same clip as hers did, but it’s moving, so I’m on board.  Among other things, the Wahls Protocol is very food-centric. Each day i eat 9 cups of greens/veggies/fruit. It breaks down to 3 cups of greens, 3 cups of sulfur veggies and 3 cups of colored veggies and fruit. Plus some grass-fed meat or fish. Then each week i have to make sure to eat seaweed and one serving of organ meat (seriously nasty). The upshot of the whole deal is I am constantly thinking about food, buying food, preparing food, eating food, and don’t forget – cleaning up the kitchen. In that order.

I call it my Cadillac diet, because inexpensive this diet is not. I hemorrhage money on this diet. As I can’t think of anything I want more in the world than to be better, It is money well spent.

Even as I write this I cannot believe I do this diet. I mean I am the girl who just built a brand new house and did NOT put an oven in my kitchen because I never cook. Well clearly THAT was folly. Oops.
When I first started the diet it took all my effort to get it right, now I am a pro. I make a mean salad, my morning smoothie packs in more nutrition than I used to get in a week,  i cook up greens to perfection and I am even starting to branch out from my hamburger or single piece of Salmon. I am learning to love fish. Who am I? I have hated fish my whole life. Like I said, lots of change.

I am determined to post this tonight, so I’ll cut it short. I know a lot of people are following The Wahl’s Protocol, I would love to hear from you. Support in numbers…

Here is a link to Terry Wahls Ted Talk, very interesting. I encourage everyone to watch.


5 thoughts on “Long Time

  1. Hi Ceci…remember me? I haven’t tried this diet but I did eventually get the CCSVI procedure, not sure where I stand in my opinion of things at this point but I think I am in a bit of a ‘denial’ period. I try not to think about things. I connect with a lot of what you said with the food…over the years I have become a bit of a “foodie” and never pictured myself here 🙂
    Where did you move to? If you ever make it to Alaska we should get together, I’m not sure when I’ll be in CO again.
    All my best and way to go! You continue to inspire me to never give up on my quest to figure this out on my own. F*$!@K the doctors. My MS doctor is my holistic doctor who has helped me more than any neurologist!

    • Hi Johanna, of course i remember you. good to hear from you.If i could lend you some advice, please get out of the denial period. this disease is a nightmare and reversing it early is one whole hell of a lot easier than what i am doing. You could just give it the ole college try for a month and then reevaluate. Don’t mean to be preachy, but i am kind of a wahls-devotee, so it comes with the territory. 🙂
      I will help if i can.
      be good

  2. hey ceci!
    glad i found your blog, excellent writing…i think the e-stim is a big part of dr wahls recovery plan, although hard to do without help. i try once a week, which i don’t think helps much, but my pt says it is better than nothing….how are u doing with it?

    back to the fight, changing it up a little today – salad for breakfast

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